Three Things – 26th October 2020

Something I’ve read:

I always knew the deal to have Google as the default search engine on Apple devices was a significant revenue stream for Apple, but I didn’t know how big. It’s an eye-watering $8bn – $12bn according to this article which also introduced me to ‘co-opetition‘, that’s a significant chunk of revenue for Apple.

Given the lawsuit that’s been filed on this topic it’ll be interesting to watch.

Something I’ve watched:

The debate in the UK around funding for free school meals has been pretty divisive. I’ll be frank and say I’m a centrist on this, as I am on many issues – wanting to balance short-term intent with long-term reconciliation, but given the external societal context this debate is taking place in, I think this clip of The West Wing really sums up my thoughts…

Something I’m thinking about:

One of my favourite podcasts is the BBC’s ‘More or Less’. A recent episode explored the ‘History of Probability‘. My key takeaway was just how recent the common acceptance – although more limited understanding – of probability is within our thinking and consideration of events. The fact that the British government used to pay the same annuity rate to all ages(!!) demonstrates that.


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