Three Things – 12th October 2020

Something I’ve read:

Why willingly let the fox in the hen house? To make your hens better at fighting the fox.

This article highlights the approach China took in welcoming Tesla into the Chinese market. It had two impacts:

  • Ensured a local supply chain was formed, which in turn could then be exploited by local auto manufacturers.
  • Drove innovation and resources into domestic competitors

Considering the race to electrification it’s hard to argue that the approach hasn’t been effective for China.

Something I’ve watched:

Can never get enough David Goggins straight-talk:

Something I’m thinking about:

I often read Brain Pickings for inspiration, interest and contemplation. It was there that I first found Art Young’s art collection, Trees at Night.

Here’s ‘Weary & Heavy Laden’…

Weary & Heavy Laden


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