What’s the one thing?

I was going through some old Tim Ferriss Podcasts yesterday and stumbled on Gary Keller.

I’ve got no great interest in US real estate but it was the first time i’d heard of his book The One Thing. I’m now ploughing through it on Audible and even though it’s a touch simplistic I do like the main thrust of the book…

  1. Prioritisation helps – not everything on your to do list has equal value
  2. Being busy doesn’t mean you’re adding value
  3. Big goals and big thinking start somewhere

It’s that final point which really strikes a chord with me and leads to the key wisdom of the book:

“What’s the one thing I can do right now which will such that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary”

There’s a number of examples:

  1. If I want to become a pilot then the one thing I can do right now is sign-up for flying lessons
  2. If I want to ensure I have a good day with my partner, give her a kiss and hug first thing in the morning
  3. If I want to run a 10k then I need to buy a pair of trainers that will allow me to train for a 10k
  4. A large, macro goal is the product of an accumulation of smaller micro goals – as every Project Manager knows

I’d recommend the book, and certainly the principle. Adding value through every action – professional or personal – is something we should be striving for.


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