Mass Customisation Comes to Shirts

Original Stitch

As someone who takes a keen interest in shirts and tailoring I read this Techcrunch article on a site called Original Stitch with enthusiasm.

It’s basically a huge shirt-building configurator which steps you through the design of a shirt with the majority of options you’d be asked in person by a tailor, although sizing is only brought into it post-purchase, which is sensible considering it would lengthen the checkout process and reduce conversion.

There’s a huge range of choices and of course the ability to get things very very wrong as well as design the shirt of your dreams. However the most interesting thing is the business model and how as the founder states “we’re a technology company”. Essentially they’ve built a platform which can create one-offs but with the speed and scale of larger volume – and of course their route to market is just a great website backed by strong reviews and testemonials.

Certainly an interesting trend to watch, but I’ll keep my powder dry on that lime green and pink shirt I just specced – for now.


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