‘Discover an Icon’ Film Series

Throughout January we released a series of films exploring arguably our most famous current model – DB9. With an exclusive opportunity to preview each episode by signing up to a distribution list, the films have gone down extremely well, with over 40k views to date. We were looking for the films to really help tell the story of the ‘DB’ series but also explain the Design and Engineering qualities which make up the current DB9, the ability to release these in a phased way to build anticipation within our social media followers was something I’d earmarked some time ago.

A great aspect around creating solid video content like this is that it’s got uses across the AM website, motorshows, dealers etc but also opportunities to use within social media in many guises for a long time to come. In contrast to ‘campaign videos’ which may have a shorter shelf life, overarching product positioning films like this pay back over time with regular and repeated exposure.

All films were produced by an agency we have a long standing relationship with: Fin London


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