True Size, True Scale

So we all saw the facebook IPO document which outlined the 800+million users now signed up.  I was pulling together my standard stats today and noticed an unbelievable and pretty impressive figure, the potential reach of the 1.2million Aston Martin facebook fans – to the extended network now numbers over 200million!  So that’s a 1/4 of the total facebook population potentially being reached by a shared piece of content or interaction.

That means within one degree of separation we have the potential to reach a quarter of the total userbase of facebook.  I’d love to see the number for brands with much larger fan bases and also more ‘sharable’ and repeatedly consumed content.

Ultimately, as we’re frequently reminded, the numbers don’t really mean much, but with us seemingly having reached a tipping point in terms of the amount of fans we are gaining and also the engagement levels (January was a new record) the question is how via shared content we can reach a higher proportion of that 200million people.

Aston Martin on facebook:


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