The Big Green Button Bill

Waiting for Godot

“There’ll be rioting in the streets,” I’ve been told over and again, “if the result of the Referendum is ignored.”

But here’s the thing.

There’s no good outcome from this. There are only more and less bad ones.

The promises the Leave camp made to voters – that immigration would (in some sense) stop or that £350m per week would be available to spend on the NHS – have already been jettisoned. But these are only small things. The Leavers had no plan. David Cameron has resigned and no one is running the country. Day by day our economy is bleeding out. When these things eventually come to sound in a huge hit to investment and economic growth and public finances; when Project Fear is revealed to be Actual Reality, and benefit spending is slashed, and hard working voters find they’ve lost their jobs, and there is less public money available to spend…

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The Pressure is Mounting…

We really shouldn’t underestimate the power that a continued financial slide will have. No politician is stupid enough to see Rome burn and not call in the fire engines at some point. Business will be screaming, the BOE will be screaming, other countries will be screaming through every channel possible, the Royal Family will be screaming – pressure to act will be mounting by the hour. Can you imagine even two more months (the Conservatives stated there would be a new PM on 2nd Sept) of decline for the £ and the FTSE? We’re in this position after two days!

In my opinion there are only four things which can bring (some) stability:

1) A snap General Election to form a new Government
2) Triggering Article 50 immediately
3) A second referendum which essentially says Vote to Remain or Vote to Leave, with the caveat that Leave triggers Article 50 immediately
4) A vote in Parliament to not act on the result of referendum