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Coloring books now account for over 17% of all Brazilian book sales

Originally posted on Quartz:

You don’t need to speak Portuguese to enjoy the bestsellers in Brazil’s bookstores.

Coloring books have taken the Latin American country by storm—and we’re not talking about the children’s variety. In April, two adult coloring books were the bestselling books in the whole country with 232,000 copies sold at the nation’s top 12 bookstores. By comparison, the 18 next bestselling books combined sold just 8,000 more copies during the same time period, according to the website Publishing Perspectives, which tracks book sales.

And that was only the beginning.

By May, nine of the top 20 bestsellers were coloring books in Brazil, including the top eight books in the nonfiction category. Between April 20th and May 17th, coloring books accounted for over 17% of all book sales, and almost 15% of industry revenue.

The extra boost provided by coloring books helped lead to a 21% increase in book sales from 2014 during that time…

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